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Hydraulic power packs integrate all the required elements to supply a flow of hydraulic fluid under pressure to the system or directly to the actuators.

We currently manufacture both standard power packs or special customized units, with power ranging from 0.4 to 400 KW and tank capacity from 5 to 5000 liters or more. Modular subplates or customized blocks, with the relevant controls, are assembled into the units to fulfill the desired hydraulic circuits. All units are tested and are ready to use.

We offer our specific experience to realize oil hydraulic installation and commissioning for any application, together with : filtering units, framework units, servo-actuators, testing benches.

Overview of power packs for various applications

Standard Type   Accumulator Bank   Automised Metal Pouring System   Control Assembly for PowerPack
Furnace Tilting   Machine Tools   Press Brakes   Pressure Die Cast Machine    
Filling & Filtration Unit   Shear Press   Small Tilting Furnace